Down Goes Maiden

Desolate Host Removed

Down Go The Sisters

Looking for a few more players for ToS

Hyda What? Down Goes Mistress Sassz'ine

Looking for a few more players for ToS

No One Expects The Demonic Inquisition

Looking for a few more players for ToS

Heroic Harjatan Falls (Are Those Puddles Efflorescence?)

Normal Tomb Cleared Time for Heroic. Gorath Falls

Looking for a few more players for ToS

Now We Will Take The Fight To The Legion

Looking for a few more players for NightHold

Now We Are The Masters Of Time

Looking for a few more players for NightHold

Heroic Bridge Saved... Kinda

Looking for a few more players for NightHold

Heroic Trilliax Is Down Let Us Eat Cake

Looking for a few more players for NightHold

Heroic Chromatic Anomaly

No! There was time now!

Heroic Sorpyron Down

Just in the pinch of time

Heroic Helya Downed

Looking for a few more players for NightHold

Who are we? We are a guild that spent the last 6 years on Mannoroth and are looking for greener pastures. The PvP server imbalance has made thing very hard to do in the world and recruiting even harder. We are a group of individuals that like to have a good time while trying to experience the content Blizzard has to provide on the harder difficulties. We are mostly a friends and family guild, however we are looking to turn the knob up a bit. We would like to eventually get back into Mythic Raiding (We did most of Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar) with the idea of downing a few Mythic bosses while they are relevant. We are looking to add true core member that fit in and want to stay and progress. We are not looking to gear out one of your alts. We are looking to grow our guild and find a new home for the next few years Everyone in the guild is 21+ Where do we rank? Tier 17 we went 10/10 Heroic pre nerf Tier 18 we went 13/13 Heroic pre nerf Currently we are 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor Currently we are 7/7 Normal Emerald Nightmare Pre Nerf Currently we are 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare Pre Nerf What do we need? 1 Holy Priest of Mist Weaver1 3 Ranged DPS We sit at about 13-16 players and we want to get it up to a consistant 20 for Mythic What do we provide? Guild repairs for raiding Raiding Enchants Guild Mumble Guild Forums When do we raid? Tuesday - 6-8 PST Wednesday - 6-8 PST Sunday - 6-8 PST Hit me up in game Xaikavar Demon Hunter Lightbringer Or on my battle tag Xaikar#1548

Guild News

Heroic Xavius Is Slain

Heroic Cenarius Is Saved

Heroic Elerethe Renferal Down

Heroic Ursoc Down

Heroic Il'gynoth Down

Heroic Dragons of Nightmare Down

Heroic Nytherdra Down

Normal Emerald Nightmare Cleared

The Legion is coming! Are you prepared? With our newly resigned forums and website under development we are more ready than ever! Chaotic Tendency is still recruiting the right people for Legion and look forward to another successful raiding expansion!

This website is currently under development, please send all current feedback to

Looking For More

We Made A PACT!

Amazing job finishing up the tier guys! Could not be more proud of our team


Tyrant Velhari



Fel Lord Zakuun Falls (RNG is RNG) 8/23/2015

Normal Archimonde Is No More 8/23/2015

Shadow Lord Iskar (Pass the EYE!!) 8/9/2015

We forgot to screenshot Gorefiend 8/5/2015

Kilrogg Slain (Get in the visions) 8/2/2015

Down Goes Heroic Council (1 SHOT) 7/15/2015

Heroic Kormrok (Dodge What?) 7/12/2015

Heroic Iron Reaver (Need Help At Purple!) 7/12/2015

Heroic Blackhand (You Hide Like Children) 5/26/2015